Childhood is the most creative stage of human beings: all our great dreams and ideas emerge when we are little. If we encourage kids to make their dreams come true, giving them the adequate tools to do so, we will have confident individuals who will have the necessary knowledge and social conscience to be the new kind of entrepreneurs this world needs. BusinessKids educates those future leaders and entrepreneurs that will make a difference! 

​​​Activities & Games

The BusinessKids program is based on activities, games,

interactive classes, short sessions with PowerPoint presentations

and videos.

Concept: Courses divided into 22 subjects that bring kids into the

business world through games and creativity.

Services for Schools, Companies and Institutions

BusinessKids Benefits for Children:

-> Learn how to be an entrepreneur

-​> Entertainment and fun

-> Self-esteem

-> Self-confidence

-> Work culture

-> Children learn to love what they do

-> Kids learn to appreciate their parents work and effort

-> Increased money awareness

-> Stimulates the joy and practical use of mathematics

-> Fosters values:  service, fair treatment, teamwork, ecology and social conscience, and more.

-> Development of leadership skills

-> Encourages children to effectively deal with bullying

-> Personal and professional development

-> Provides useful tools to learn future independence.

BusinessKids Standard Program

The BusinessKids StandardProgram is comprised of a total of 80 hours of workshops split into two stages.:

Stage 1:  Understanding Concepts
Objective: Enable children to become acquainted with business terms, through games and activities, and in an appropriate language according to their age.
Age ranges:  a) 4 - 6 years old*    b) 7 - 10 years old    c) 11 - 14 years old

Stage 2: Business Project
Objective: Define and personalize each participant’s business project. At this stage there is a follow through of the Stage 1 subjects, focusing on developing personal projects with learning activities and games. Consultants work with children both in groups and individually.
Age ranges: a) 7 - 10 years old    b) 11 - 14 years old

*Children age 4 to 6 are ready to learn business concepts but might not be ready to develop their own Business Project. Exceptions apply.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are simultaneously developed in regular and summer programs

Entrepreneurial education makes a difference.