I.Standard Program

This is a long term program of 40 to 80 hours’ duration where children learn to develop their own business project. It is comprised of:

Objective: Define and personalize each participant’s business project. At this stage there is a follow through of the Stage 1 subjects, focusing on developing personal projects with learning activities and games. Consultants work with children both in groups and individually.

Age ranges:  a) 4 - 6 years old*    b) 7 - 10 years old    c) 11 - 13 years old

The Standard Program is comprised of a total of 80 hours split into two stages:

Stage 2: Business Project*.

​​II. ​​​​Thematic Workshops

In these workshops children learn basic skills related with the corresponding topic, boost their creativity, acquire new skills and knowledge, and develop their own product, everything with a focus on business!The Thematic Workshops are another fun way to learn and acquire skills related to a specific topic with a business approach. Some of the workshops available are:

-I´m a Chef!

​-I´m a Party Planner!

​-I´m an Artist!

Learning business concepts*

Developing business ideas*

Creating my own business

Starting my business

​The Standard Program, the Thematic Workshopsand Other Servicesare offered to Schools as After School programs or to Institutions as standard or customized programs in the form of:

o  Midweek days
o  Saturdays
o  Winter/Spring breaks
o  Summer Camps

BusinessKids offers two ways to teach business to children:

III. ​​​Workshops and other services

Children experience the business world and learn various concepts through fun hands on activities.

BusinessKids is a very flexible program. It can offer from one-hour workshop to long term programs.

Stage 1:  Understanding Concepts*

Do you have special requirements? Would you like to have some BusinessKids activities at your School or at a Party? Contact us!

The BusinessKids activities are also available in Spanish!

Age ranges: a) 7 - 10 years old    b) 11 - 14 years old

Objective: Enable children to become acquainted with business terms, through games and activities, and in an appropriate language according to their age.

*Children age 4 to 6 are ready to learn business concepts but might not be ready to develop their own Business Project. Exceptions apply.
**​In BusinessKids each child advances at his/her own pace. According to that and to the flexibility of the BusinessKids Standard program there is not a specific duration time for the first and second stage.